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Subconscious assessments chart the true character of performance.
Predicting Success

Seedlink is an AI-enhanced customized digital interview that predicts behavior, personality, and skills. We go beyond traditional assessments to measure competencies most linked to success in your organization.

Insights Derived from Language

Seedlink leverages over 30 years of research that shows language provides insight into identity. Unlike traditional assessment methods, Seedlink’s digital interviews are difficult to manipulate since language is formed subconsciously. To detect patterns of success, we analyze multiple layers of language such as syntax, word choice, and vocabulary. Our methodology removes gendered word associations, to ensure Seedlink delivers unbiased predictive results.

Predictions Adapted to Your Organization

Seedlink is the first machine learning solution that measures an organization’s culture. We build AI models tailored to your internal value set to predict success within your organization. Build high performing teams that share your organizational values, maximizing your production potential.

Finding Better People, Faster
Manual CV screening and unstructured interviews are time consuming and only loosely connected with success. With Seedlink, you can:
  • Reduce regretted losses
  • Boost assessment efficiency for recruiters and candidates
  • Put extra time gained with Seedlink into more value-added tasks
Tailored to Your Organization
We build customized AI assessments to discover the unique drivers of success within your organization. Discover talent that matches your values.
  • Uncover skillsets that lead to success in your teams
  • Strengthen your organizational culture with hires that match your values
  • Make powerful people decisions by combining role and value fit assessments
Text Outperforms Video
Seedlink uses text as the primary interview mechanism because it outperforms in accuracy and inclusivity.
  • Text completion rates are 50% - 60% higher than video
  • Video and sound quality can impact algorithm accuracy
  • Text is more inclusive of all personality types

Solution Features

Candidate Ranking Report

Boost efficiency exponentially by shortlisting candidates faster with Seedlink’s automated candidate rankings. Stay ahead of organizations competing for talent by reducing your time to hire.

Customized Individual Report

Gain better insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce in each competency you are measuring. Make smarter, quicker decisions based on these insights.

Workforce Analytics

Enhance your workforce planning by discovering which values and competencies contribute most to positive performance outcomes.

People Strategy Consulting

Optimize how you apply Seedlink with the help of our dedicated data scientists and engagement heroes. You’re in HR, and you’re new to AI. We’ll make you an expert. 

Explore Our Solutions

Value Fit
Assess for the underlying values shared in your organization
Role Fit
Assess for the drivers of success in a particular role
Leadership Potential
Assess for the core leadership traits needed in your organization

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Seedlink works with both national and multinational market leaders in over 30 countries.

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