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Go Beneath The Surface

Imagine resumés are the tip of an iceberg. Underneath the surface lies personality, values and behaviours. This is how deep Seedlink goes. It’s complex and takes millions of datapoints to build. But what you get is simple. Valuable insights to help you understand what you need to unlock performance.


People Science

Seedlink's world leading Natural Language and AI technology provides clients with predictive insights into personality and behaviour based on a person's natural language. We analyse natural language and subconscious patterns to create a neural network of information that is predictive of personalities and traits. Our data-set is made up of layers upon layers of information. We can group, structure and connect language with post-hiring results for specific roles, cultures and sectors to give you an accurate view of what your team needs to succeed.
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Unbiased by Design

Resumés and facial recognition provide limited insights and are prone to bias. Seedlink's predictions are based solely on a person's natural language. This allows us to dig deeper and find hidden gems. Research shows that language as an indicator for competencies and traits is independent of race, gender or age. At the same time, studies show human judgement to be subjective, often leading to group think and stunting innovation. We created Seedlink to apply AI to assessment and recruitment processes to help leaders make decisions by arming them with deeper insights and unbiased data. By focusing on language, we can offer an unbiased view of potential talent.
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Subconscious Insights

Our digital assessment invites candidates to answer open questions using their natural language. There is no right or wrong answer. Over 30 years of research shows language provides true insights into personality and behaviour. Unlike traditional assessment methods, language cannot be manipulated as it is formed in our subconscious. To detect patterns of success, our platform analyses multiple layers of language such as syntax, word choice, and vocabulary. Through asking 3, simple, open ended questions we can help you build high performing teams that share your unique organisational values to maximise potential and performance.
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