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The End of (Gender) Bias. How A Dutch start-up solves what Amazon failed to do.

Seedlink, Nov 01, 2019 | 3 min read time


While there have been efforts towards improving gender diversity, human bias is still a significant barrier to success.  Seedlink tested its unique methodology analysing subconscious patterns in language to determine whether it provides unbiased predictive results, even when gender imbalanced data sets are used. 

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It’s Time: How Robots Help Us Find The Career We Want | Rina Joosten-Rabou | TEDxShanghaiWomen

Seedlink, Jan, 2017 | 17 min watching time


Do you get up every day and can’t wait to get your job started? Have you found the career that you want? You may be curious about what the future holds for you. Enter a new era where artificial intelligence reveals your true skills and matches you with the career you dream of: faster, better and without bias.

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The COVID-19 Communication Drumbeat

Rutger Laman Trip Apr 3, 2020 | 1 min read time


Humanity has regularly been faced with challenges and shocks. Take stock market crashes or natural disasters for example, we are always caught by surprise. Even with planning and risk mitigation the impact and destruction is unavoidable. In addition to proper business continuity planning, how leaders respond to a crisis is at least as important. A recent article on company sustainability in crisis time, published in 2019 by the renowned scientific journal publisher MDPI, concludes that communication is key.

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5 Myths of AI in HR

Seedlink Nov 21, 2019 | 7 min read time


The human resources industry has changed rapidly over the past decade, transitioning from administrative tasks to focusing more on strategic decisions. The application of artificial intelligence tools have been playing a large part in this transformation. Discussions about AI has produced many myths and misconceptions. Some think that AI will eventually take over the world, while others think that it’s just a new tech buzzword. The truth is somewhere in-between. Regardless, it is important to fully understand how AI can create value for businesses and where it cannot. Here are some AI myths and misconceptions in the realm of HR.

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The Future of Work: A Primer for Business & HR Leaders

Seedlink Nov 14, 2019 | 9 min read time


Take one look around you and it is undeniable that the world of work is changing. This is a topic that is of major importance to business leaders, as well as HR practitioners. While the workplace of today is radically different from generations past, what makes the “Future of Work” noteworthy is the rate of rapid change that we have not seen before. But what exactly is the “Future of Work”?

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PWC: Artificial Intelligence in HR a no brainer

Seedlink, Oct, 2017 | 8 min read time


AI is not the future, it is already happening and widely available. This is basically good news for HR and for your business. Usually HR is one step behind in the digital transformation and AI now offers the chance to catch up. AI can help eliminate repetitive tasks, accelerate the search for talent, reduce employee attrition and improve employee engagement. The algorithms train themselves to simulate human behaviour and to re-imagine workers experience. AI reacts faster in helping draw out the insights and inferences that might otherwise take reams of manpower or stay uncovered at all.

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