How can RCXUE bring down talent turnover rate?

The competitive landscape of luxury retail industry is filled with high staff turnover rate. A German luxury fashion house certainly suffers from this problem. It’s becoming harder and harder to find in-store staff with high qualification and motivation. And after spending much time and effort finding one candidate, the company can easily lose the employee to a competitor if higher salary is offered by the other company.

What’s also difficult is to find people who really know how to deal with customers. The practice often employed in retail industry is to look for candidates among competitors. For example, this fashion company may usually search for potential employees from those who are currently working in other luxury brands. The problem with this practice is that it may not always be able to find qualified candidates from such limited resource.

So the challenge the company faces is how to bring down its talent turnover rates and find candidates with real motivation to work in a luxury brand, and how they can reduce human bias in recruitment and be as objective as possible?


They cooperated with Seedlink to design questions revolving around customer service. These questions were not focused on knowledge of luxury retail business, but more about situations in which both good serving attitude and problem-solving ability are required.

The questions were published in RCXUE system and linked to many other job board website. To make it sharable throughout mobile, the job position was also promoted on WeChat. The system offers QR code to the position, and these codes were put in the outlets of the fashion brand, so that potential applicants could scan the QR code and apply for the job immediately.


The biggest benefit of using the system is that there were a lot more applications coming in, not only from people working in clothing industry, but also those who worked in other industries such home furniture. Some of the candidates hired actually came from non-luxury brands, hotel management, and other service industries. These people demonstrated seasoned experience in customer service, as well as a strong motivation of working for the company.

After a period of constant observation, it was proved that the staff turnover rate declined by 35%. Even better was the higher sales impact brought by these employees. It also turned out that the company managed to increase its hiring speed by 75% using the system.